Please Read Inclement Weather Procedures First

NOTIFICATION: Implementation of ice-snow routes will be publicized on Channels 2, 6, 8, and Fox 23. 

MORNING ROUTES: The following ice/snow routes will be implemented between 7:30 am & 8:00 am.

Rural Pick-up Locations:

1)         Highway 16 Northwest

  •    Rest Area ( West of S. 433rd W. Ave.)
  •    Mid-America Stockyard


2)         Highway 48 North

  •    181st and Highway 48 (Red’s BBQ Area)


3)         Highway 66 East

  •    PDQ (formerly “K’s Corner”)


4)         Highway 16 East

  •    Slick Store
  •    Gravel Pile ( Slick / Kellyville Rd. & Hwy. 16)
  •    Garment Factory (Oak & Washington Sts.)


5)         Highway 48 South

  •    Dowdy’s Corner ( W. 281st South & 48 Hwy. – 5 miles south of Bristow)


6)         Highway 66 West

  •    Ace Hardware
  •    DX Pump Station (S. 401st/66 Hwy)


AFTERNOON ROUTES: Students will be taken back to their morning pickup locations. If no ride is available for the student, they will be returned to their school and parents will pick them up at school. Parents should contact the school their students attend if they know they cannot pick them up at the designated locations. Parents should make arrangements to pick up their students at the school sites.


Town Pickup Locations:

1)         County Barn

2)         Cape Drive Office Parking Lot

3)         Bristow Village, Kelly Apartments (Harrison Street)

4)         Freewill Baptist Parking Lot (5th & Chestnut)

5)         Community Center (10th & Chestnut)

6)         Bristow Christian Center (Main St. & Jackson)

7)         Anchor Drive-In (Hwy. 66)

8)         City Hall Parking Lot (from 66 West, North on Ash to 7th, East to Main)

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